Control function:

• 2-6 Axis interpolation,Space linear、Space arc、Space oval.
• Using the algorithm of speed forward,Automatic arc corner speed.
• Support:Modbus ASCII、ModbusRTU and Modbus TCP
   communication protocol.
• Support designed to solve the problem of Non-standard process LUA       script functions.
• Axis of rotation radius compensation.


Using look-ahead algorithm, automatic arc corner speed, and can automatically fillet inflection point;
Supports standard Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP communication protocol;
Support which is designed to solve non-standard technology Lua scripting capabilities;
Support air shift, line, ellipse, spline, documents calls and other rich processing instructions, and open user-defined command (customers can write their own command specific action);

Rotational axis radius compensation;
Computer can be imported PLT files and G-code file;
Graphical preview and real-time dynamic display processing path;
Circulation processing, single processing, automatic processing, single-step processing, and other processing methods;
Processing files can be stored 10,000 laboratories;
Real-time dynamic display processing path;
Convenient and friendly teaching and editing files, and provides bulk editing, array-based replication, graphics translation, image scaling, automatic fillet and many other advanced editing features, with a common graphics library to facilitate customer calls.

Product Specifications:

Controlled axes: 2-6 axis;
2-4 axis interpolation, support linear space, space arc, space ellipse, spline curve;
Communication interface: RS232 communication module, U disk function, usb communication, network port;
Handheld box screen pixels: 480X272 pixels, color;

Handheld box 128M, offline card storage space:128M
Digital inputs: All opto-isolated, input voltage: 12-24V;
Digital Output: All opto-isolated, NPN open collector 5-24VDC, rated current up to 0.5A, Single maximum current up to 1A.


Semiconductor packaging equipment
Speakers dispensing equipment;
PUB electronic components- Fixed and protective equipment;
Battery compartment dispensing closure ten equipment
LCD glass substrate sticking equipment package;
Mechanical vehicles zero precision dispensing equipment;
Phone-mobile phone plate coated or key dispensing equipment;

Binding chip precision dispensing equipment.

Hardware index:

• Control axis NO.:4-6 axis
• The max pulse frequency:2MHZ
• Encoder:With OMC8860
• Pluse output:5VDifferent output,Output ways :
   Pluse+direction or Pluse+Pluse
• Communication interface:RS232 communication model,U
   disk function,USB communication.
• Holdding a box of screen pixel:480*272 pixel,colour.

• Storage spsce:Holding a box :128M,Offline card:128M


• All the OMC8848 are poto-isolator ,input voltage 12-24V
• Output type:NPN open collector 5-24VDC,Rated
   current 0.5A,Max current of single road 1A.
• Every axis hardware plus or minus limit、origin and
   stop、start button(Limit input can be set up as a

   general purpose invalid input)