The new SD900 robot, with excellent structural design and precise positioning accuracy, is highly user-friendly for sanding, machine loading and unloading applications and is a good choice for industries such as 3C.


The new SD900 robot is an SD series desktop industrial robot with a small, lightweight advantage. Model lightweight arm design, Robust Robust, solid, load up to 8kg. Robot mechanical structure is compact, compact, lightweight, arm arm exhibition, but also with high accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy of ± 0.03mm, stable and reliable performance, high-speed sports joints, greatly optimize the operating space, so that it can be Small work space for flexible operation, short-term benefits can be achieved to meet the flexible production. Degree of protection up to IP67, the perfect response to the harsh production environment. The series is designed for grinding, handling, assembly and other low-load process work developed, especially for highly demanding repetitive, high-precision process applications.




Larger load


Small desktop robot, load up to 8kg, the industry-leading standards




Cost-effective, low installation, operation and maintenance costs


Optimize design


Optimized shape design, sleek, excellent mechanical structure and optimal control device settings


Multi-axis linkage


On-demand construction of a flexible external axis configuration system that supports multi-axis real-time linkage technology, support for lifting and hanging, up to 12-axis linkage


Speed ​​and efficiency


Beats fast action to meet the harsh production beats


Precise positioning


High repeat positioning accuracy, ensuring excellent repeat accessibility


Flexible expansion


Networked control system, rich external interface and scalability


Technical Support


Completely open self-design robot system to support a variety of application development


Supporting applications


Support visual, force and other intelligent sensor information, equipped with a new high-quality self-developed software package


Spare parts


Low wear and tear parts, spare parts cheap, and high quality, can be quickly replaced, regular maintenance, to extend life expectancy


Production Environment


Achieve IP67 degree of protection, can effectively deal with the impact of a variety of harsh production environments