Bending Robot SR50

SR series robot appearance compact structure, each joint are installed high precision gear reducer, high speed of joint velocity can work in a small space inside the flexible operations, handling, stacking, assembly, etc., have a flexible installation.

SR50 features

lightly and ingeniously structured;
payload of 50 kg;
maximum working radius of 2110 mm;
Mainly suitable for medium load;
a wide range of workplace.


Large working space
Stable performance
High running speed
Highly optimized for general use
Modularization mechanical structure design


Medium payload application

Materials handling, palletizing, casting and assembling

1. More flexibility, more stable performance, lower power consumption.
2. Through the visual function of the robot will reduce errors to the minimum; (if used)
3. Have high performance maximized throughput;
4. Long working time;
5. Fixed automation;

Assembling and welding

1. The stability and improve the welding quality, ensure the uniformity;
2. To improve productivity, continuous production can be 24 hours a day;
3. Improve the worker labor conditions, can be long-term work in a hazardous environment;
4. Reduce the demand for workers operating technology;
5. To shorten the cycle of product modification and upgrading, reduce the corresponding investment of equipment;
6. It can realize batch product welding automation;
7. To save space on the ground;

Casting polishing

Cutting, polishing, deburring, cleaning, polishing, water cutting and other processing applications