Delta Encoder ROE-E Series

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Delta Rotary Optical Encoder ROE-E Series


ROE-E Series is an angle-measuring sensor device which is used to detect angular velocity. It can convert the angular velocity that is input into the shaft to the corresponding pulse numbers following optical communication principle. Small size, high precision and reliable performance are its features. ROE-E Series is usually used for detecting speed, rotation direction and angular displacement.

ES(Solid Shaft)
EH(Hollow Shaft)
ET(Through Hole Shaft)


ES Series: Outer Diameter of Solid Shaft: 36.6mm; Outer Diameter of Solid Shaft: 50mm
EH Series: Outer Diameter of Hollow Shaft: 36.6mm; Outer Diameter of Hollow Shaft: 38.7mm;
Outer Diameter of Hollow Shaft: 50mm
ET Series: Outer Diameter of Through Hole Shaft: 100mm
Light and compact. High reliability. Incremental Encoder. It will not increase the load of the mechanical system.
Resolution: 100-5000ppr
Output Form: Open Collector, Voltage Output, Line Driver, Push Pull
Power Voltage Range: 5-24V
Responsiveness: 300kHz max.


Label Printing Machine, Detecting Machine, Elevator, Auto Bottling Machine, Fixed Length Cutting Machine, Elevator Door