ADT-CNC4650 five-axis milling machine control system is based on FPGA + ARM platform for the development of dedicated CNC system, the use of international standard G code programming control, support MASTERCAM, UG, Wentai, TYPE3 and other third-party CAM software to generate machining procedures, using forward- Processing speed, support common CAM graphics 


4,5 axis movement, 5 / axis axis interpolation linkage;

Added independent servo spindle;

Standard G code programming control;

Speed ​​forward-looking processing, control the smooth transition speed;

Support straight row magazine, disc tool magazine, cylinder tool changer and knife function customization;

System self-diagnosis and parameter backup and recovery functions;

Support USB, serial communication, U disk, SD operation;

Handwheel and handwheel G code function;

Code track preview, real-time tracking and syntax checking.


4-5 axis interpolation and single axis control;

Pulse frequency up to 1M interpolation 500K single-axis positioning 1M;

24 input and 24 output ports;

2 channels 0 ~ 10 analog output control;

A group of PWM analog control ports;

256M built-in electronic disk, support 8G storage space expansion.