The public is dedicated to small and medium-sized machine tool manufacturers at home and abroad independently developed high-cost CNC system.

Using ARM9 high-performance CPU and large-scale programmable device FPGA, real-time multi-task control and hardware interpolation technology to ensure the accuracy of the system under the micron-level processing 


According to different user needs to configure stepping, servo drives, to achieve cost-effective;

USB, U disk, RS232COM communications and other means of communication, easy to help users to achieve different data transfer requirements and software upgrades. With network interface, support for remote monitoring and DNC file transfer processing;

Open platform, according to customer demand tailor-made plane system;

Improve the self-diagnostic function, real-time display of internal and external status, anomalies immediately alarm;

Support external additional panel, handheld box operation, customer-friendly knife;

Macro variables, macro definition programming, to achieve a variety of logical relations. Support macros with parameters call, user programming more convenient;

DXF + G code template function, DXF automatically converted to G code processing;

Teach function: teach + streamline instruction programming, the use of table-style teaching methods, teaching methods are simple and intuitive;

Reliable structure and easy installation: all interfaces are used standard DB header connection;

Graphical simulation function: Display the graphics of the machining program and the movement path of the tool during the actual operation, do not control the operation of the machine tool to simulate the tool path machining, and check whether the programmed machining program is correct;

Multi-interface options: support for multiple language interface display, automatic fault alarm prompts. Rich processing information display, processing time, the number of pieces;

Parameters tabular: input and output address number arbitrarily set, just need to fill in the configuration table address column corresponding value.