ACS355 - machinery drive

All your machine building needs in one drive

If you are a system integrator, original equipment manufacturer or panel builder, the ACS355 is our top tier micro drive. It is focused on material handling, food and beverage applications, processing of rubber, plastic and wood. You have a cost effective, versatile drive offering the best connectivity in its class. Installation and commissioning is simple and easy, saving you labour time. 


  • 0.37 to 22 kW/0.5 to 30 hp

  • Optimized design for cabinet installations saves space and installation time

  • Wide range of fieldbus adapters available offer flexible connectivity

  • Vector control capable of running both asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors

  • Simple and visual sequence programming to make independent and repeatable operation sequences

  • Pre-defined application macros for quick basic setup

  • Unified height and depth of the IP20 product family simplifies wiring in cabinet installations

ACS580 - General purpose drive

Effortless energy efficiency for your applications

A new generation, all-compatible, wall-mounted and cabinet-built drive simplifies your processes and motor control with effortless efficiency. Allowing you to control a wide range of applications in different industries, with straightforward set up or commissioning. ACS580 is part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio, sharing the same architecture and user interfaces for easy usability. The ACS580 is plug-in ready to control your compressors, conveyors, mixers, pumps, fans and many other variable and constant torque applications.

  • Easy to select, install and use

  • Scalable offering

  • All essential features built into the drive

  • Straightforward settings menu and assistants for fast commissioning

  • Energy efficiency features for optimal energy use

  • Connect to any automation system or use stand-alone

  • Wide availability and support

  • Designed for reliability and consistent high quality

All-compatible ACS880 single drives

Simplicity and compatibility for all your industrial drive needs

With the ACS880 single drives you simplify your world and open all possibilities. You have complete flexibility and capability in wall-mounted or cabinet-built drives. All can be customized to your precise needs in industries such as oil and gas, mining, metals, chemicals, cement, power plants, material handling, pulp and paper, sawmills and marine. Built on ABB’s common drive platform for precision control in a wide range of applications such as cranes, extruders, winches, winders, conveyors, mixers, compressors, pumps and fans. 


  • Intuitive control panel and PC tool

  • Direct torque control (DTC) for precise open and closed loop control

  • Built-in safety features for simplified configuration

  • Communication with all major automation networks

  • Removable memory unit for easy drive commissioning and replacement

  • Energy optimizer and energy efficiency information for monitoring and saving energy

  • Designed for easy service

ACH580 drives for HVAC

Comprehensive comfort control with variable speed drives that ensure reliable and effortless operation of your HVAC applications

Comfort. It’s something we take for granted in the buildings we live and work in. But comfort requires efficient systems controlling heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling (HVAC/R) to ensure the air we breathe is pure and the temperature is comfortable. We also need to ensure air quality in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way – as well as safety – in both normal and mission-critical situations.

For half a century, ABB has been leading the way in optimizing HVAC systems using drive control to ensure that you can take comfort for granted. The new ACH580 series of variable frequency drives (VFDs) provide the quality, reliability, and energy savings you expect, and are easy to use and safe to maintain. All you need to do is to set the drive up, and then focus on what counts.

Major benefits

  • Easy to select, install, commission and use

  • HVAC-specific features integrated as standard

  • Intuitive control panel with optional Bluetooth capability for better accessibility

  • Various languages and communications built inside

  • Reliable connectivity with major automation and control systems

  • Control of a wide range of motors for any HVAC application

  • Based on ABBs all-compatible drive platform

  • Optimized energy efficiency

  • Wide availability and support

ACQ580 - drives for water and wastewater

Secure energy efficient flow of water and wastewater in your pumping solution

The all-compatible ACQ580 drives for water and wastewater simplify your pumping processes and motor control while ensuring effortless energy efficiency. This robust and compact wall-mounted and cabinet-built drive has built-in pump application functionalities such as sensorless flow calculation, multipump control, level control, soft pipe fill, dry run protection, and has quick ramps and a solution for keeping the impeller of the pump clean. Usability is enhanced with the intuitive Hand-Off-Auto control panel and the PC tool Drive composer. The built-in energy calculator visualizes the energy savings achieved with the usage of the drive. The drive controls virtually any kind of motor including an IE4 synchronous reluctance motor. Connectivity is supported by a wide range of fieldbus protocolls. 

  • 0.75 to 500 kW, 380 to 480 V

  • IP00, IP20, IP21, IP42, IP54 and IP55 enclosure classes allows installation on walls, into cabinets and as free standing drive modules

  • Built-in energy saving calulators and pump functionalities secure optimal pump operation

  • Supports IE4 synchronous reluctance, asynchronous induction and permanent magnet motors

  • Connects to a wide range of water and wastewater control systems

  • Our local partners provide wide availability of service and support


Flexible and reliable: well-proven medium voltage drives for a wide variety of applications

Whatever your industry, the medium voltage ACS1000 drive is an all-rounder to control your standard applications and optimize your processes. Tailor the drive to your specific application by selecting from an extended choice of pre-engineered options. Extensive versatility makes the ACS1000 suitable for operations in different conditions and environments, even hazardous areas. High reliability in your daily business is ensured by the drive`s simple design and robust control platform that has proven itself over many years.


  • High reliability due to proven design and low parts count

  • High compatibility with standard motors due to standard output sine filter

  • Fuseless design

  • Constant network power factor across the whole speed range

  • Direct Torque Control (DTC)

  • Flexible input (DFE with integrated trafo or external trafo, 12/24pulse)

  • Air and water cooled

  • Simple integration: 3 cables in – 3 cables out

  • Arc resistant design

  • Power range 315 kW up to 5 MW

  • NEMA 3R variant for harsh outdoor environments


Flexible and reliable: technology leading medium voltage drives for a wide variety of applications

The medium voltage ACS2000 drive is an industrial all-rounder that perfectly adapts to a wide variety of standard applications across all industries. Various options and drive configurations allow you to choose a perfect match to increase efficiency of your processes and systems. Boundless versatility makes the ACS2000 sure to fit perfectly into different conditions and environments, including hazardous areas, all over the world. Benefit from the drive`s simple design and robust control platform which ensures reliable operations every day, everywhere.


  • High reliability due to proven design and low parts count

  • High compatibility with standard motors due to multilevel topology

  • Fuseless design

  • Constant network power factor across the whole speed range

  • Direct Torque Control (DTC)

  • Flexible input (DFE with integrated trafo or external trafo, 24pulse, AFE, DTL)

  • Simple integration: 3 cables in – 3 cables out

  • Arc resistant design

  • IEC- and NEMA-specific designs

  • Power range 250 kW up to 3.68 MW


Powerful and reliable: Medium voltage drives with superior safety features and application-specific functionalities

The ACS5000 medium voltage drive effortlessly controls your high power applications such as compressors, pumps and fans. It conforms to operations in many fields, but is especially suited for the chemical, oil, gas and power generation industries due to its robust design. The drive comes with various industry-specific features, which integrate seamlessly with your system and increase productivity of your processes. Due to the ACS5000`s enhanced arc resistant design, you can be sure of highest safety in your day to day operation for your personnel and equipment.


  • Highest level of personnel safety due to arc fault resistant design with fast fault elimination

  • High reliability due to proven design and low parts count

  • High compatibility with standard motors due to multilevel topology

  • Fuseless design

  • Constant network power factor across the whole speed range

  • Direct Torque Control (DTC)

  • Industry specific features

  • Power range 3.0 to 36.0 MW, up to 13.8 kV


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