Servo Qx-Series


ADTECH integrates international advanced servo control technologies into QX series high-performance AC servo drive, so that the driving performance reaches international advanced level. If features excellent extension performance, fast response, precious positioning, vibration suppression, automatic parameter design, programmability, easy operation, acceleration at saturation, electronic cam, gantry synchronization, capture and comparison, etc. QX servo is widely used in dispensing, machine tool, robot, package, printing, cutting, cross weaving, spring, graving, welding and other fields.



1) Excellent Extension Performance It supports various types of encoders and motors.

2) Fast Response The execution engine is controlled by unique servo, greatly increasing the operation. The response frequency reaches 2.6KHz. The fast response greatly shortens the parameter setting time.

3) Precious Positioning Within the setting time of 0 ~ 2ms, the positioning deviation will not exceed ± 2 pulses, to achieve high-precision positioning.

4) Vibration Suppression The notch filtering technique realizes high / low frequency resonance suppression. A unique inverse superposition algorithm is introduced to achieve the end-point vibration suppression.

5) Automatic Parameter Design The automatic gain algorithm optimizes parameter control, and the system frequency response analysis algorithm designs automatically control parameters.

6) Programmability The programmable function achieves the secondary development of motion control; in some applications, it can completely replace the controller.

7) Easy Operation The installation-free testing software supports both Chinese and English. The several embedded oscilloscopes, the real-time monitoring and status adjustment can be completed instantly.

8) Acceleration at Saturation A unique algorithm increases the limit speed by 15% at saturation.

9) Electronic Cam The introduction of new electronic cam and the design of electronic cam table achieve master-slave control mode, which makes it easy to solve a variety of complex processing problems.

10) Gantry Synchronization Inquiry Form X (/) 9/12/2560 QX Servo Drive | Motion Control Products | STEP 3/8 The MIMO algorithm is adopted to achieve precise dual-axis synchronization control, which is suitable for gantry systems.

11) Capture and Comparison Combining high-speed capture and comparison trigger functions, the servo can achieve precise timing sequence control of complex process.

12) Other Functions Multi-function real-time monitoring; intelligent fault diagnosis; support high-precision encoder; safe torque off; pitch compensation.